Download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk 2024 V 17.76 (Updated version) Anti-Ban

Hey! Today, is GBWhatsApp Pro apk Updated Version brings you here? It is known as an upgraded version of all WhatsApp mods due to its more advanced and modified features that can enhance your chatting experience in the digital era of chatings with friends and others. Users were facing poor chat experience with many social apps that do not allow them to customize their chat features as much as they want.

But GB WhatsApp Pro Apk comes with the solution that users can use more features as compared to official WhatsApp. WhatsApp has limited features that users find frustrating and they want exciting and additional features that make them happy in the field of Communication on Social media platforms. 

Download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk Updated Version

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk updated version gives you additional and advanced features that below your mind such as Ghost Mode, Chats Hiding & Lock, FMMods, Advanced Privacy and Security, Starred messages, FMThemes,Universal Colors, Hide Media from Gallery, Backup and restore data, Home Screen Customization, 5-minute Status uploads, Floating Action Button, Home Style, Conversation Style, Bubble & Tick Style, Emoji Color, Hyperlinks colors, Group Admin Indicator, Hide Date & name, Enable Proximity Sensor, Disable Output Switching FMWA Widget Color, Hide Contact Name, Check for Updates, and Hide Contact Profile Picture.

OMG! Tons of features are in GB WhatsApp Pro apk. You will never get bored using GBWhatsApp Pro Apk Updated Version. 

Dear User, what’s stopping you from getting an advantage from tons of modern features that can change your life experience of communication in the modern field of Social media technology. So, click on the button given above as quickly as possible to download the GBWhatsApp Pro apk. GBWhatsApp Pro alternatives are WhatsApp Plus apk, GBWhatsApp apk, OGWhatsApp apk, OGWhatsApp apk, Aero WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp apk. We will discuss these modified features in detail.

How to do GBWhatsApp Pro Update on Android devices without losing chats?

Many users are facing the update of GB WhatsApp Pro. Users want to update GBWhatsApp Pro apk to get advanced features experience. There are only one authentic way to update GB WhatsApp Pro apk on android device,

When you open your GBWhatsApp Pro app, the app asks you to update your App otherwise you can’t use it.

  • Click on the update option or navigate to FMMods>Updates>Check for updates, and lead you to official GBWhatsApp Pro apk websites.
  • Click to download the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro file.
  • Install the latest version.
  • Now, open your old version of the GBWhatsApp Pro app.
  • Restart your GBWhatsApp Pro apk.
  • You successfully update your GBWHatsApp Pro apk latest version.

Video Tutorial Guide about GBWhatsApp Pro Update

What is meant by GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

GBWHATSApp pro apk is a communication chatting application with advanced features that makes it popular in the chatting community. GB WhatsApp Pro apk is a modified version of Original WhatsApp, because WhatsApp doesn’t provide such features to satisfy the users intent as compared to GB WhatsApp Pro Apk. Original WhatsApp has limited features that do not fulfill the users desires and comfortzone. So, GBWhatsApp pro apk introduced for users who want more features while communicating with friends and others.

 People mostly prefer GB WhatsApp Pro Updated Version instead of original WhatsApp due to its extra & modified features such as Hiding Chat Conversation, Ghost Mode, Hide last & current seen, Hide online status, Mass Message Sender, Upload 5 Minutes status instead of 30 seconds, Hide Blue Tick & Typing, Freeze Last Seen, Increase Forward message limit up to 250, Hide View Status, Anti-delete Message, Show Blue Ticks after reply, Make Pattern Invisible, Download FMThemes, send high resolution images, and much more. GB WHATSAPP pro apk is also known as GBWA. GBWA has best Privacy control features that makes you secure while communicating.

GBWhatsApp Pro apk Download Details

App nameGB WhatsApp Pro
Developer/AuthorAlex mods
App latest Versionv 17.76
App Size92 MB
Android System Required5.5 android version +
Device Root RequiredNO
Downloads22+ Millions
Last Updates16 hours ago
Operating SystemAndroid

Additional Key Features

Ghost Mode πŸ‘»

Sometimes, people want to see statuses secretly, it shows to them that you didn’t see their statuses. While Ghost mode is activated, your all actions will be invisible to everyone within seconds, your last seen is freezed, other people will think you didn’t receive the message from them, the opened message will not turn blue, and you can view statuses secretly. You will love it by using this features. How to use to the Ghost Mode, you can see in the given below pictures,

Chat Hiding and Lock

You can hide and lock your private chat conversation from others. Sometimes, others can reach your mobile phone and by mistake they can read your private chat conversation with your Wife, friend, family members, and business partner. That is why, chats hiding and lock features were introduced due to these authentic reasons. So, you can protect your private chat conversation from everyone until you allow the access. You can set your favorite picture in the background of the lock screen of Chat conversations. To lock your private chat conversations, follow the images constructions,

How to activate Ghost Mode (part 1)
How to activate Ghost Mode (part 2)
How to lock chat conversation (part 1)
How to lock chat conversation (part 2)
How to hide chat conversations (part 1)
How to hide chat conversations (part 2)

Check for Updates

You can check your GB Whatsapp pro current version, and you can check anytime for updates about the latest version of GBWhatsapp Pro apk. People were facing updates of the New version of GB Whatsapp pro apk, through this feature you can Up To date with latest versions on time. 

Disable Forwarded Tags

By disable Forwarded Tags, you can resend your messages to everyone without forwarded tags. If someone received your forwarded message it won’t show as a forwarded message. 

How to check for updates
How to disable forwarded tags

Hide View Status

By using this feature, don’t tell contacts that you have viewed their status. So, you can easily view their status without them knowing that you viewed their statuses. How amazing is that It shows to them you didn’t view their status but you did.  You will never find these features in other communication platforms. 

Show Blue ticks after Reply

Contact will only see blue ticks after you reply to them. If you receive a message from anyone, it won’t show blue ticks to them until you reply to the message.

How to hide view status
How to show blue ticks after reply

Starred Messages

Some messages are important for us, you can add unlimited messages in the Starred messages feature, you can easily direct access to these messages in this feature. To add messages in the starred Messages list follow the steps that are in the images, 

Protect IP address in Calls

Protect your IP address in calls is activated, to make it harder for people to infer your location, calls on this device will be secured and relayed through WhatsApp servers. And this will reduce call quality. So, your calls ip address will be saved through this feature. 

How to see starred messages (part 1)
How to see starred messages (part 2)
How to protect IP Address in calls (part 1)
How to protect IP Address in calls (part 2)

Silence Unknown Callers

By activating silent unknown callers, calls from unknown numbers will be silenced. They will still be shown in the calls tab and in your notifications. So, you can silence unknown numbers while focusing time.

Disappearing Messages

You can start new chats with disappearing Messages timer set to 24 hours, 7 days, 90 days, or off, when you are turned on, all new individual chats will start with disappearing Messages set to the duration you select. This setting will not affect your existing chats.

How to silence unknown callers
How to ON & OFF disappearing messages

Extra Security for GB Whatsapp Pro Apk

If you need an extra Security for your GBWA pro apk, turn on two-step verification, which will require a six digit Pin code when you register your phone number with GBWhatsApp pro again. So, nobody can register your number without your secret six digit Pin code.

How to Install & download GBWhatsApp pro apk latest version on Android device?

Many users are unaware of the correct way of installing and downloading the GB whatsApp Pro apk on android devices. So, i will guide you step-by-step and best easy way to download and install apk,

  • An android device requires space storage for apk.
  • Open the web browser of your Device. (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC browser, Opera Browser, Yandex Browser, Samsung Internet Browser, etc)
  • Open the trusted source of website officialapksites.
  • Search in it, GBWhatsApp Pro Apk.
  • Open the Page of GBWhatsApp Pro app.
  • Click on the downloading Button, it will take two to five minutes to download the app.
  • Open the app, on the unknown sources.
  • Click on the install option. ( it may take ten to twenty seconds)
  • After installing, open the GB app, enter your mobile number.
  • Put two-step verification six digit OTP code. ( after entering our number, you will receive the six digit code via SMS or Call )
  • Click on the restore backup data if you have old backup data. You can skip this if you don’t. 
  • Set your profile picture and Display name.
  • You successfully download and install the GBWhatsApp Pro apk on your Android device. Now you can use and enjoy the amazing advanced features.

  Is GBWhatsApp pro apk safe to use?    

Yes, GBWhatsApp Pro is safe to use because users did not face any problems related to safety issues about GB WhatsApp Pro apk. We did research on it, read and received a lot of feedback from users. We didn’t find users safety concerns about GB WhatsApp Pro Apk. Some users may face issues regarding glitches, crashes, Unsuccessful login issues but we have a solution for it.  After my many trials, I came to the conclusion that by downloading the GB App from trustworthy source websites, you will never face any issue to safety. To prevent crashes, glitches & unsuccessful login, uninstall the old version and install the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro apk. This way may solve these issues for you.

More features

Send images full Resolution

Sometimes, users want to send images in high quality for their business purposes. GBWhatsApp pro Updated Version apk resolves the issue. Now You can send images in the highest quality/resolution. To send images in full resolution, follow the navigation FMMods>Universal>Settings.Send images in full resolution.

As you can see in the picture below,

Disable image share limit

Official WhatsApp allows us to share 30 images files at once. But, you want to share more images at once due to your busy schedule. Amazing thing is that GB WhatsApp Pro apk allows us to share up to 90 images at once. GBWhatsApp developer takes care of their users preferences and problems. 

Increase Messages Forward limits to Chats & Channels

People face many issues regarding forwarding more chats and channels to their contact members. WhatsApp allows us to forward five chats & channels at once time. But, GBWhatsApp Pro Updated version allows unlimited messages forwarding to chats & channels at once. 

Hide Media from Gallery

You can hide your personal and private media files from the gallery due to security reasons such as friends or family members can accidentally see the private stuff in the gallery. To protect your private stuff follow the navigation instructions, FMMods>Universal>Hide Media from gallery>Photos,Videos,and GIFs. If you want to unhide your photos, Vidoes, or GIFs file, then disable this option. If the media still does nor show in the gallery then restart your phone.

Unlimited Emoji Variant

Official WhatsApp has a limited emoji variant style. GBWhatsApp Pro Update version have unlimited emoji variant styles (look and feel) such as Default WhatsApp Emoji, iOS New 2024, One, Facebook, Android O, System Emoji (BETA). Just download them and enjoy the emojis variant in different styles. 

Favorite Launcher Icon

You can choose your favorite launcher icon for your GBWhatsApp (GBWA) Pro app. There are many launcher icons style variants such as Manchester city icon, ACM Icon, BVB 09 icon, Liverpool icon, BMW icon, Chelsea icon, JUVENTUS icon, FC BAYERN MUNCHEN icon, MANCHESTER UNITED icon, and many more app launcher icons style logos. 

Header Setting

You can design or customize your header section of the GB WhatsApp app as your own choice. Here’s you can set Home UI Style, Stories Style, Enable Instagram-like stories, Set My name, Separate Chats/Groups, Show Camera Icon, Show Light/Night Mode, Ghost Mode, Show Airplane Mode, Disable clicking on WhatsApp, Tabs Background Color, and more. You can style your header section with these features. 

Action Bar

You can change the color of the Chat Screen, Conversation screen and hide the Contact Name of the person you’re talking to, hide the call button from the conversation action bar, Disable Contact Status, Conversation Toolbar Style. 

Put Five Minute Status

GBWhatsApp pro latest version allows you to put a five minute video status instead of thirty seconds as a status. Note: Only YoWA users can see the full status! Other users will see thirty seconds only. 

Set Bubble and Ticks Style & size

You can customize your bubble and ticks style and size layout as your own desires. Here you can set Tick Style, Bubbles style, Message Text Size, Disable double tap reactions, Conversation background color, Right & Left buble color, deleted message icon color, Quoted Message Color, and much more.

Ticks Styles Variants

There are many ticks style icons variants that you can use. Some of them are follows,

  • Stock
  • Allo
  • Alien
  • Alt CrayonV2
  • Bat
  • Feet
  • Google 
  • Google V2
  • iOS
  • Like
  • Minions
  • Smile 
How to choose Ticks style variants (part 1)
How to choose Ticks style variants (part 2)

Bubbles Style Variants

There are many bubble style variants of icons that you can use. Some of them are follows,

  • Facebook
  • 3D
  • Twitter
  • Stock
  • WhatsApp LB
  • BBM
  • iOS
  • Telegram
  • MoodWA+ Chat On
How to choose bubble style variants (part 1)
How to choose bubble style variants (part 2)

Disable Double Tap reaction

You can disable double tap reactions of others. If you disable this feature your contact member or others you’re talking to, unable to react to your messages. 

Status Saver?Status Downloader

GBWhatsApp Pro allows us to download/save the status of others and we can directly put the status of others anytime. You can perform both download status or Directly Put status of others

End-to-end Encrypted 

Your all Messages are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to you. 

WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp Pro

What is the History of GB WhatsApp Pro apk

GB WhatsApp Pro apk was developed as a modified version of the Official WhatsApp app. GBWA pro aimed to provide users with advanced & additional features, and many customization options providing more than what the official WhatsApp application offers. Users began questing alternatives that offered more freedom, openness, and full control over their messaging experience. GB WA pro became one of the most popular messaging app due to its wide spectrum of features set, which included options for Ghost mode, customizing themes, advanced privacy and security, and much more. 

With time, GBWhatsApp Pro progressed through updates and enhanced with modification, satisfying the preferences of its user base. App development faced many challenges due to conflicts with the WhatsApp app’s policy and concern over privacy and security. Despite these hurdles, GBWA continued to engage users who valued its extensive and additional features and customization messaging options. The rise of GBWhatsApp Pro apk illustrates a deeper evolution of mod, potentially delivering superior features and improvements compared to earlier versions.                 

Is GB WhatsApp pro Apk available for iPhone (iOS) devices?

Sorry to say No, we will not recommend you to use GBWhatsApp Pro on iPhone devices. The iPhone did not allow the use of unofficial applications. The developer of GBWhatsApp Pro apk didn’t introduce the iOS version for iPhone users. If the iOS version of GBWhatsApp pro will launch in future, we will announce and let you know as quickly as possible.  


GBWhatsApp Pro apk is providing what users want during chat conversation, audio call, and video call. So, feel free to use the best messaging app with additional features that enhance your experience in the world of messaging platforms. GBWhatsApp pro is also known as GBWA pro. Always use the GBWhatsApp Pro updated version and keep updating your app with the latest version. Otherwise you will face many issues regarding glitches and others and must read our privacy policy. If you have any questions and issues related to GBWhatsApp Pro guide, contact us on [email protected]. For more details and updates, we will let you know.          

People Also ASk

Yes, it is 100% free available to download and you don’t need to pay for using GBWhatsApp Pro Updated Version.

Yes, you have to use the Latest/updated version of GB WhatsApp Pro apk. You will face zero issues or problems with the latest version. We will recommend you to use latest version.

People have concerns about their data leakage due to some insecure websites, always to download app version from authentic websites.

Yes, you can use GBWhatsApp Pro apk for business motives. But business store is not available. May be, developer introduce business module in future.

Yes, We can add five accounts on GBwhatsApp Pro apk at once.