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Are you interested to know about GB WhatsApp apk for PC? If yes! Then you don’t need to worry about it because I’m here to guide you with easy steps. How to download and install, etc.

I used Official WhatsApp, but it didn’t meet my requirements, so one day, I found a GB WhatsApp PC mod when I started to use it, and this App fit my requirements. Generally, People need privacy protection, hidden chat features, media sharing, and multiple accounts. It allows you to connect with a web PC and Mac via scanning QR. It is easy to use and easy to install.

Gb Whatsapp apk for PC

GB WhatsApp is used on Android devices. Don’t you worry; there is a way. You should download and install it on Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac, and laptop PCs. There are a lot of mod and excitable features which make users comfortable with their criteria.  These functions are not available on the Official WhatsApp. That is why developers introduced this mod to fulfill users’ intent.  Users want more informative, technical, hidden & reliable features in it. So this App meets the user’s intent. You can also download more versions of WhatsApp such as WhatsApp Plus Apk, OGWhatsApp Pro APk, GBWhatsApp Pro Apk, and GBWhatsApp.

Install & download an Android emulator on a PC

Android emulator is a software tool that is used for running Android apps. This software is basically for running Android apps on non-android devices such as PCs, Laptops, and iOS devices. This software will check the performance of the Android apps. This software makes it easier for developers to identify and fix the problems in their apps. Many Android emulators are available on websites, or you can get them from local shops near you, such as Bluestacks, LDPlayer, NoxPlayer, Memo, and Genymotion. But two of them are lifetime free to use Bluestacks & LDPlayer. I will recommend Bluestacks on behalf of my experience. Installations Guideline for Bluestacks, Given below instructions:

   Launch and install GB Whatsapp on your PC

After the launch of the Android emulator, you are now at the next level for installing GB WhatsApp APK for PC on non-android devices. Follow these steps:

First of all download the gb whatsapp apk from

Click on the website given above and download the gb whatsapp apk for pc

  1. Set up the Bluestacks:  Follow the instructions on the screen to set up the Bluestacks. Then, you should sign in with your Google account.
  2. Enable app store: You will find a pre-installed Play Store. If not, then click on more apps and select Google Play Store.
  3. Install APK: Once you get the GB Whatsapp APK file, you can install it by doing the following;
  4. Pick File: Pick the file from your computer and drop it onto the window of the blue stacks. It will auto-install.
  5. Using file manager: Click on the “Install APK” located on the home screen of Bluestacks or the toolbar, and then navigate to the GB WhatsApp APK file on your computer or laptop. Choose the apk file and click on “open.” Bluestack will install the App.
  6. Install and launch: After the installation process. You will find the apk icon on the Bluestacks home screen. Click on apk icon to launch and use the installed apk.

Congratulations! You successfully installed the GB WhatsApp APK for PC.

Stay tuned with us for more updates. 

Download GB WhatsApp for iPhone/iOS File details.

APP NameGB WhatsApp Apk
size73 mb
VersionLatest modified version
System Windows7,8 and 10
Main purposeAdvanced and extra modified features
Root requiredNo
Last updated16 hours ago
Rating4.7 (60000+)
Software CategoryApp
PinMultiple accounts

GB WhatsApp APK for PC Features & Specifications 

Home Screen:

In this feature, there are four main features such as Header, Rows, Floating Action Button, Status, etc. In Header, you can set My name, Home UI style, Stories style. And in Rows, You can change the home style, Text color, Contact Name Color, Unread messages background color, etc. In the Floating Action Button, you can create a floating action button and hide it. You can change the color & hide Fab normally, Fab Pressed, Fab Icon, etc. In Status, You can save status, change the color of background recently viewed updates bar in status pages, set five minute status instead of 30 seconds status. How to use these features. You can see in the given below picture.

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20231007 212728 0000
20231007 212817 0000
20231007 212855 0000
20231007 213020 0000
20231007 212934 0000

Multiple profiles:

Nowadays, various options are preferable and mostly liked among people for business purposes. In case GB WhatsApp decides to develop multiple profile account features in it. It is easy to manage more than one account on an existing device.

Personalization choice:

These features better suit your needs and preferences. This feature can enhance your overall user experience by allowing you to make the app work accordingly. You can change the theme and color the way you want. You could customize the layout, which is the most used feature. Personalization choice makes your App your own because you can set it up to meet your desires and needs.

Privacy option GB Whatsapp apk for pc:

Privacy is an important feature that helps you control who can see and interact with your chats and video interactions. You can control who can message you, see your online status, or join group chats. You can set your chat status to “online,” “away,” or “invisible to control when others can contact you. End-to-end encryption is a critical privacy feature for both chats and video calls. It protects your calls and chats conversation from a third-party person.

Multimedia sharing:

Gb whatsapp is today’s digital era where media sharing has become incredibly easy to send. We can send high-quality pictures, HD videos, documents, audio songs, voice, etc. Media sharing is a part of our daily lives. It makes it easy to connect and communicate with friends & family for business purposes.

Group chat room features:

These features allow you to make message posting, multimedia sharing, reactions, message editing and deletion, mentions, thread conversations, and privacy settings. We can interact with people with these features. Security and privacy: Security systems work like a Cybersecurity system. It helps to prevent hacking and third-party. This feature protects your privacy and locks the door ( when you have a secret, you close the door).

Data Backup and Restore:

It allows users to back up their old data, such as chat histories, multimedia files, documents, voice chats, etc. It allows us to back up and restore the old daily, weekly & monthly data.

Language support:

GB Whatsapp apk for PC ensures that everyone, regardless of their native languages, can access and use it. It supports Eng, French, Hindi, Italian, Spanish and more.


This feature was introduced by developers to prevent temporary banning and suspension of accounts. We can use  Gb WhatsApp mod apk frequently and free from restriction.

Hide Private Conversations:

You can hide private conversations with security code. No one can decode the security and open Private conversations except you. How you can use this feature. How you can manage settings for it. You can see in the given below picture.

How to hide and lock private conversations
Choose a lock for hiding the private conversations
Set up password for hiding private conversations
How to manage hide conversations settings

Update notifications:

Update notifications are essential reminders that help users stay with the latest features, security maintenance, and improvements of gb whatsapp apk for pc.

DND Mode:

Do not disturb is a unique setting that helps users to stay and avoid interruptions of incoming calls and message notifications. Your device won’t make noise, vibration, or notification of anything from the App.

Message calendar:

This feature is invaluable for businesses, content creators, birthday wishes, and digital marketing. It allows you to send messages on future dates. You can set messages schedule in future dates as you can see in the given below picture.

How can you set sending messages for future dates

Auto-reply system:

It’s a  handy feature that automatically sends messages back to people who send you chat messages when you are busy and outside.

How to set and create auto replies

Personalized Emojis:

These are unique stickers you can use during chat conversations and create or redesign them yourself. They make your messages more special and funny.

Chat Filtering:

This feature allows filtering messages within chat to remove spam, offensive, and abusive messages.

Create Your Wallpapers:

Users can create their wallpapers and set them on chat backgrounds and the home screen of GB WhatsApp apk.

Themes Modes:

Themes modes are like the cloth of your chats. GB WhatsApp APK for PC has a unique feature that provides bright & dark themes. In the colorful theme mode, users can easily see and use everything. On the other hand, dark theme mode is for the night, and it is beneficial for the eyes and makes it easier to see everything in slow light situations. How you can use this feature as you can see in the given below picture.

How you can use themes mode
How you can modify themes

WhatsApp Web:

GB Whatsapp apk for pc allows users to connect through an easy web scanning system with computer & laptop browsers via using WhatsApp web feature.

Voice & Video Calls supported:

The App gives full, clear & smooth support accessibility to voice & video calls.

Status Saver:

It supports the status saver from the contact list. Users want to save mainly the liked status of others and use it for later or to put it on their status.

Free from viruses:

Download GB WhatsApp apk for PC on Android and non-android devices protected from viruses. Users can use it to feel free from harming their devices by viruses.

Send Direct Messages:

You can send a message to any number without saving in contacts. You can use this feature easily. I can see in the given below picture;

What is an Android Emulator?

It’s software allowing you to use Android version apps and games on a PC or a Mac. After the launch on your PC or a Mac, it behaves like a virtual Android smartphone on your PC. You will feel that you are using an Android system. People use this software for different purposes, such as testing apps and games, running apps & learning how it works. You can do everything on an Android emulator that he did on a natural Android system because it’s an actual Android device on your PC or a Mac. This software is not illegal to use or download. It’s free of cost.

Gb Whatsapp apk for pc Pros and Cons

Below are some pros and cons of GB Whatsapp apk for PC;


Privacy setting & protection: Gb whatsApp PC provides highly recommended privacy settings for users to adjust accordingly. And give protection for security issues.

Easy Update & Notification: You can get notifications for updates occasionally and update GB WhatsApp easily.

Conversations Hide with Password: The GB app has hidden and extra features unavailable in the official App. Users can hide their business secrets and private conversations and protect them with password methods, e.x Pin code.

Group Chat Links: We can share group chat links with others to join more people in the groups to build a wide range of community, and we can use them for business purposes or formal use.


Security concerns: You may have some security issues with the App, but it will fixed by then. This security concern is not a big issue.

May Unstable: This is not stable as official WhatsApp is stable. GB WhatsApp does not support official WhatsApp.

May Tech issue: You may find some bugs and glitches briefly.

Personal Opinion

My personal experience and opinion say it is the best online App with additional & beneficial pro features, which I have yet to find on other platforms, even on official Whatsapp. These features are extra advanced for users. Sometimes, People want a lot of storage to save data from GB WhatsApp, so computers have a lot of storage. I explained all the best features above. This APK is the best messenger app in the online market field. There are different meta versions of GB apps. You can share group links if you have any doubts & questions related to it and ask freely. I’m here to guide you. Gb WhatsApp apk for PC is available here for downloading. User can amazed by with these exciting features. And it’s easy to use and manageable.


Yes, It is reliable to use and trustworthy.

No, We can’t use it without an internet connection. It’s necessary when you want to connect with friends. 

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