How to Restart WhatsApp – Step-by-Step | Easy Guidelines 2024

How to Restart WhatsApp App

Why Do We Need to Restart WhatsApp?

High-Level Tactics of How to Restart WhatsApp

Step 1: Open the Mobile settings App


Step 2: App management or More settings (According to your device model)

Choose the 'App manager' option in the settings application

Step 3: App settings/App manager

Choose the 'App settings' option

Step 4: Tap on the WhatsApp App

Tap on The WhatsApp application

Step 5: Click on Storage & Cache

Click on the Storage & cache option

Final Step 6: Clear The Cache

Final Step- Click on the 'clear cache' option

How to Restart WhatsApp app on iPhone devices?

How ''Is WhatsApp down''

What are the steps to take if the restarting procedure doesn’t work correctly?

For Android Users:

For iPhone(iOS phone) Users: 

How to ''Reboot'' your Android and iPhone Phone.

How to Restart WhatsApp on your PC’s (Personal Computer) web browser?

How to reload or refresh the WhatsApp web page on PC's web browser

Another way to restart WhatsApp on your PC (Personal Computer)

Final Thoughts 

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