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Do you want to Install the WhatsApp application on your device, but you don’t know the method of ‘’How to Install WhatsApp’’? If yes, You are in safe hands. People want to install WhatsApp apps to communicate with friends, family, and others. However, some of them are unaware of the procedure to install it. We will learn ‘’How to install WhatsApp’’ with a few steps. WhatsApp is a messenger application that connects people worldwide through SIM numbers. WhatsApp Messenger app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. You can get best way to Install WhatsApp on your Android, iOS phones and desktop.

How to Install WhatsApp Messenger application

How to Install & Download WhatsAp Messenger application on my mobile phone or how to install gb whatsapp in samsung mobile?

Are you ready to learn a few steps for How to Install WhatsApp Messenger app on your device? Yes! Then, Let’s start to understand the steps. Follow the following steps given below,

Step: No. 1: Open Your Play Store Application

The Play Store application is operated and developed by Google, and you can call it Google Play Store. The Google Play Store app downloads Android applications to your Android phones. To Start the Google Play Store app, demand your Google Gmail account and connect with your Gmail account. So, Now open your Google Play Store App from your Mobile Phone Home screen.

Note: Google Play Store is not recommended for iPhone Users ( iOS ). iPhone users can use the App Store application.

Click on the Play Store Application

Step: No. 2: Type and Search The WhatsApp Messenger 

Google developed the Play Store to confirm the availability of Apps. Play Store makes it simple for users. This feature is fantastic and helpful for users to find any apps in it quickly. Yes, It’s true. Tap on the Search Bar ( Q Shaped ) option at the top of the Play Store app interface. Type the name of your application, and it will manifest in 2 seconds if your internet is running well. And it shows more other apps with searched apps. So, we are here to download the WhatsApp Messenger application to your mobile phones. Type the WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Messenger in the search bar of the Play Store app and tap to enter.

Type and Search WhatsApp Messenger on Google Play Store App

Step: No. 3: Download & Install The WhatsApp Messenger

After the appearance of the WhatsApp Messenger application, Click on it. You will see an ‘’Install’’ option and tap on it. The downloading will start and will take time to download. Countdown begins quickly ( according to your internet speed ) in percentage when it reaches 100 %. It means that the installation period for your whatsapp application download and install is completed. Two options will appear: ‘’Uninstall’’ and ‘’Open’’. Click on the ‘’Open’’ option for further steps.

Click on ''Install'' and downloading will start

Step: No. 4: Open and Welcome to your WhatsApp

Open the WhatsApp Messenger app, which will ask you to choose the language to initiate it. I prefer English as the default language (Device system language ), but it’s your choice to select the language you want. You can choose any language. So, Choose the language.

Open the Whatsapp Messenger app
Select the Language you want

Step: No. 5: Tap on Agree and Continue

After selecting the language, it will ask you about WhatsApp Messenger terms and conditions. The purpose is to ensure users read WhatsApp’s terms and conditions first. So, you have to agree on it. Click on the ‘’Agree and Continue’’ option. Select your country. It recommends you choose the original country where you are currently living. Therefore, you may run into obstacles in communication. Search your country code in the search bar.


Step: No. 6: Put your Phone Number

This part is essential. After selecting your country code, put your current number or any number. Your number must be activated. So, please type your whole number without the first digit on it.  As you can see in the given below picture,

Select your country code and put your phone number

Step: No. 7: Verify your Phone Number

When you finish putting your number, click on the ‘’Next’’ option. You can edit your number in case you put in the wrong number. Otherwise, Click ‘’OK’’ if you entered your correct number. Now, the time is for verification. The WhatsApp application will identify your provided mobile phone number and will send you a 6-digit code on your given number. You will get a code through SMS or Call. Put your code, or it will automatically put code in it. Tap to Apply or automatically apply. Your verification will be done. And click on the Continue option. As you can see in the given below picture, 

Verify your Phone number and click on Continue option

Step: No. 8: Backup your Data

Permit your WhatsApp Messenger App pathway to Videos, Images, and other document files from your device. With this permission, you can easily send, share and exchange them. If you put an already-used number in it, you must back up your old data and chats. Suppose you are a new user or enter a new number. So, skip this step. Otherwise, Click on the Restore/Backup option. You can also add a gmail account for google drive backup.

Restore backup your data
Select a Gmail account for Backup data

Step: No. 9: Set Profile Info

You can put your profile picture and type your name with emojis. Click on the + ( with a camera icon ) and put an image from your Gallery/Photos. Click on Done, type your name after it, and press Next. This application will ask you to add Google Drive as a backup. It’s your choice. Otherwise, Click on Never and Done. Enjoy your WhatsApp and Now You can communicate with friends

Add a profile picture and write name
Now you can communicate with others

Congratulations! The method for ‘’How to Install WhatsApp Messenger app on Android’’ is successful. Now, you can feel free to communicate with friends and others globally. Also, you can share your media files and links with them.  You can use this method on other whatsapp mods like GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, etc.

How to Install WhatsApp Messenger application on your Tablet?

Are you here to learn ‘’How to Install WhatsApp on your Android Tablet? If yes! Then follow the steps given below,

  • Step 1: First, download the Tablet Messenger application on your Android Tablet.
  • Step 2: Second, Open a Table Messenger app on your Tablet and QR Scan the code for WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Step 3: Third, open WhatsApp on your Smartphone and navigate to the Linked Device option via the settings or More settings option, and the QR Scan code camera will show you.
  • Step 4: Lastly, Scan the QR code on your Table Messenger app on your Tablet, and your WhatsApp is now operating in your tablet.

If You want to create another account for your Table and don’t want to use your current WhatsApp account on your Smartphone. Then, register a new account in a few steps on your Tablet,

  • Step 1: First, Open WhatsApp on your Android Tablet ( Recently, Add WhatsApp on your Tablet through the Tablet Messenger App ).
  • Step 2: Second, Click on the More option ( situated in the Up Right corner ).
  • Step 3: Third, Click on the ‘’Register’’ a new account for WhatsApp.
  • Step 4: Finally, Select your country code, put in your new number, and Click to the next to proceed. 

How to Install WhatsApp Messenger app on Android/iPhone?

Do you want a guide on ‘’ How to Install WhatsApp Messenger on Android and iOS devices? Surely Yes! That reason brings you here to learn about it. Well, I don’t want to waste your time. Let’s move forward to the steps,

  • Step 1: Navigate and Open your Play Store or App Store on Android or iOS devices.
  • Step 2: Click on the Search Bar option and type WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Step 3: After Clicking on the WhatsApp app and Tapping on the Install option, downloading will start.
  • Step 4: Wait a couple of times until you reach 100 percent download (It depends on your internet speed and how much it will take to download ). 
  • Your WhatsApp is now downloaded and Installed successfully!

How to Install WhatsApp Messenger application without the Play Store app?

Do you want to install the WhatsApp Messenger app without the help of the Play Store app? Yes! It is workable easily. People are curious about ‘’How to Install WhatsApp without the Play Store’’. So, Navigate to Chrome or any other web browser on your mobile phone and type Malavida in the browser’s search bar. Open the Malavida website, Navigate to the search bar again, and type WhatsApp Messenger. Please find the latest version of WhatsApp, click on it, and avoid beta versions. 

Click on the download button, and downloading will start. After downloading it, open the APK file and install it on your device. The process for ‘’How to Install WhatsApp without the Play Store’’ is completed successfully. Hurry up! Apply this scenario and enjoy the best chatting app. 

Why do we need to Put our Phone Number and country code?

This part leads you to communicate with your beloved persons and business persons. Suppose you want to communicate with friends on video calls or chat. So, you have to put your SIM number and exchange it with friends or others. Country code is also necessary because people can quickly know that your number is registered in that particular country and may be about your current real living country. Phone Numbers and country codes are the main parts of using the WhatsApp Messenger app. So, enter your country code and SIM number, and enjoy the fun with friends worldwide.


WhatsApp Messenger is a communicating ( chatting ) application available on many different devices (Android Mobile Phones, Tablets, iOS devices, and Personal computers) and should be downloaded from authentic Apps and websites. Always download a safe and updated version of WhatsApp. We learn the installation method for WhatsApp for different categories of devices and set up your WhatsApp Messenger account and Info profile. So, Now Communicate with friends and others through Chats, Calls, video calls, etc.  If you have any question or issue related to these guides and about us, you can contact us or comment below.

Yes, you can use WhatsApp same account on up to four devices.

When you install WhatsApp, the application is downloaded and installed on your device. You then need to verify your phone number, create an account, and gain access to the messaging platform. Once set up, you can send and receive messages, make calls, and engage in various communication features with other WhatsApp users. That’s it.

If you install WhatsApp another phone with same number, your WhatsApp account will be transferred to the other phone device. Your account will be logout on previous device, you will no longer to receive any message on it.

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