How to Pin Message in WhatsApp | Step-by-Step Guide | 2024 

Would you like to learn How to Pin Message in WhatsApp and pin chats more than three, but you are a newbie? No problem! You will learn in a few steps through our guide. We will teach How to Pin Message in WhatsApp with a quick and complete guide for Android and iPhone users. You will become a newbie to experts with these guides, and you can teach others through our perfect methods. We will provide some crucial tips and tactics to Pin Messages in WhatsApp chats and make your life easier. WhatsApp is a social media platform where you chat, talk, share media, and do business conversations with friends and others. But occasionally, we chat for a long time and fail to find important messages.

How to Pin Message in WhatsApp and How to Unpin Message and chats

So, you can pin messages in WhatsApp chat after you can find them on top of the display through pinning messages in WhatsApp. It’s your essential part and takes you out of the busy chat world in just one click, saving you important time while doing necessary things. So, let’s follow the instructions and set up your WhatsApp expertise on the advanced level by getting the skill and knowledge of pinning messages in chat display. So, let’s move towards tips on How to Pin Messages in WhatsApp. After learning the method, you will become a pro, and your essential messages will be one click away. Are you prepared to make your life easier? So, let’s move towards tips and guides for How to Pin Message in WhatsApp.

Pin a Message on WhatsApp

There are only six steps, and your Message will Be in just 2 minutes. For pinning Message, follow these methods step by step,

1: Open Your WhatsApp

To Start your short journey to Pin a Message on WhatsApp chat, open your Android or iOS mobile phone. Locate the WhatsApp application green icon on Android and iPhone; your WhatsApp app will be opened by clicking on the green icon and unlock your WhatsApp if you lock your WhatsApp app with Face lock, Fingerprint lock, and PIN code for the security of your important data in your WhatsApp chat conversations, after opening WhatsApp, a gate of communication and unity on social platforms with your well-wishers. 

2: Open the Chat interface and select the Message

After opening your WhatsApp on an Android or iPhone device, all conversation chats will appear on the display of the WhatsApp interface. Select a specific Chat, group chat, or community announcements Chat where you want to pin a message. Click on the chosen Chat—WhatsApp loads all your chat conversations in a moment, including sharing media files. Select the Message that you want to pin for quick access. 

3: Click and hold the Message

After finding out the Message you want to pin in your WhatsApp chat or group chat for quick access, click on that Message and hold it for 2 seconds. This task will show the following options for that Message and help you to the next step for pinning a message. 

 4: Click on three dots and choose the Pin option

Now, you will see the three dots option at the top right corner of the chat interface after pressing and holding a message. So, click on three dots, and three more options will appear. Click on the last option, “Pin” a message. And wait for the next option for a second.

5: Set the timing for pinning a message and click on the “Pin” option again:

You have to set the time to pin a message at the top of the screen. Three options will appear after you select the Pin option. So, you must choose one of them ( 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days ). Click on one of these options and click on the “Pin” option for the last time.

6: Quick access to Pinned Message:

After successfully pinching a message in your WhatsApp chat or group chat at the top of the screen, you can easily access the pinned Message with just one click. Your pinned Message will show you at the top of the chat interface for a selected time from 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days. When you enter the Chat, you will see the pinned Message at the top of the chat conversation. 

Locate the Chat and open it
Find the message for pinning
Long-press on the message and click on three dots
Click on Pin option for first time
Set the timing and click on ''Pin'' option
Quick access to Pinned Message

You are worried that if the selected time passes, how can I access the pinned Message? When the pinned Message is up, you can repin a message for the same period from three options: 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days. Now enjoy your feature and guide others to learn how to pin Messages in WhatsApp to quickly access an important message note for an emergency or other matters. 

How to Pin Message in WhatsApp Group Chat?

Similarly, if you want quick access to pin an essential message in WhatsApp group chat, you will see a message on top of the group chat interface after you open the group chat. Let’s take a look at “How to Pin Message in WhatsApp group chat on Android and iOS devices,

Pinning a message in a group chat is not straightforward, but a solution exists. Let’s explore How to pin Message in WhatsApp group chat,

  • Open your WhatsApp and navigate the group chat where you intend to pin a message.
  • Find the Message and Long-press on the Message.
  • Click on three dots and tap on the “Pin” option.
  • Choose how long your pin lasts. ( You can unpin any time )
  • Select a “Pin” option, or if you want to pin a description, then create a description and choose it for all group chat participants. 

Note: Only the group admin of the group chat has permission or until the group admin permits specific members to pin a message in the WhatsApp group chat.

How to Unpin Messages in WhatsApp chat or Group chat?

Sometimes, we need to unpin our messages for some reason, like we want to pin a new message instead of something else, and you can unpin a message anytime if you wish to unpin your Message in WhatsApp chat or group chat. Here’s how it works.

Open your WhatsApp.

Click on the Pinned Chat where the Message is pinned.

Long-press and hold the pinned Message for 2 seconds.

Click on the “Unpin” option at the top of the screen.

You have successfully unpinned your Message.

Why do we need to Pin messages and Chats?

Sometimes, pinning messages are helpful for us in different ways. How? Here’s how.

Quick Reach: 

You can easily access pinned messages and chats without effort in long chats and message histories. 

Organize information by Importance: 

You can pin your important messages and chats, such as phone numbers, addresses, business checks, etc.

Structured Chats:

You can manage your pinned messages and chats related to important topics and projects. 

What is meant by Chat Pinned in WhatsApp?

You can Pin your meaningful chat conversation at the top of the WhatsApp interface. Pin a Chat conversation means that the Pinned Chat will stay at the top of the chat list even if you receive a message from someone other than the pinned Chat will stay at the top of the list. Only you can see your pinned Chat; your friends or others don’t know about it until you tell them you pinned their chat conversation. It’s like achieving your meaningful chat conversations so you can quickly access them one tap away from you. When you pin a chat conversation, you can see a little special pin symbol on the left side of your pinned chat profile. According to the 2021 WhatsApp policy, three chat conversations can be pinned in the chat list, which applies to every WhatsApp user worldwide. Imagine that you pinned your top three essential chat conversations at the top of your WhatsApp chat list forever, so you don’t need to search for them in an emergency. You can quickly access pinned chats until you unpin them. 

How to Pin a Chat in the WhatsApp chat list?

Suppose you are using an iOS ( iPhone ) or Android device; you can pin a chat on both versions of devices. Let’s take a look at how to pin Chat in the WhatsApp chat list,

  • Launch your WhatsApp application on your Android or iOS ( iPhone ) device.
  • Please navigate to a chat you want to pin in the WhatsApp chat list and long-press on it for 2 seconds.
  • A “Pin” icon option will appear at the top of the WhatsApp interface. Click on it. 
  • Your Chat is pinned at the top of your WhatsApp chat list. Your Chat will remain at the top whenever you receive a message from others.
Navigate to a Chat you want to Pin and Long-press on it
Click on the ''Pin'' icon option at the top of WhatsApp Screen
Your chat is pinned at the top of your WhatsApp chat list

How to Pin more than three chats on the WhatsApp app ( Only works for Android users ) 

You can pin three chats on the WhatsApp chat list at a time because WhatsApp allows everyone to Pin a maximum of three chats in a list. Pinning more than three chats on WhatsApp lists is breaking the rule. Can you pin more than three chats on WhatsApp at the top of your chat list? Yes, you can use some tricks and tips to increase that limit, but these tips only work on Android devices. Here’s how you can increase the limit of more than three PIN chats in the WhatsApp chat list,

Method 1: Tactic to pin more than three chats on the WhatsApp chat list

  • The archive trick lets you pin four chats in the WhatsApp chat list. Let’s see how it works,
  • First, pin your three chats on the WhatsApp chat list.
  • After clicking and holding one of the pinned chats for 2 seconds, the Archive option will appear.
  • Click on the archive button.
  • Quickly pin another chat you want to pin, then click the Undo button on the archive to unarchive your Pinned Chat.

You have successfully pinned four chats on the WhatsApp chat list.

Method 2: Use GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to Pin more than three chats 

GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are modified versions of the official WhatsApp. People use it due to their third-party advanced features, and one of those features is the capability to pin more than three chats in the WhatsApp chat list simultaneously. Here’s how to use its features. 

  • Download the latest versions of WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp on your device ( Android Users only ) from our officialapksites website. 
  • Open WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp and log in with your account number. ( Here’s How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to GB WhatsApp App )
  • Now, you can pin chats more than three as much as you want your favorite chats on the top of the chat conversation list. 
  • Click on the Pin icon option to pin all chats. 

Method 3: Group your Important Chats 

You can create a group chat conversation and add important chats to organize them according to priority, category, or your need. As an illustration, you can create chat groups such as Family, business, friends, projects, etc. You can add chats in the same category. 

How do you unpin Chat on the WhatsApp chat list?

As for concerns, you also want to know how to unpin Chat on WhatsApp. If you wish to unpin your Chat from the WhatsApp chat list. Follow the steps,

  • Open your WhatsApp.
  • Locate the pinned Chat and long-press on it.
  • If you want to unpin more than Chat, select more after long-press the first.
  • Now, Click on the “unpin” option.

You have successfully unpinned your Chat on the WhatsApp chat conversation list.

Pros and Cons of Pinning Messages and Chats


Easy grasp of essential data:

You can get quick access to pinned messages and chats because when you pinned messages and chats, they always appear at the top of the screen of the conversation and chat list.

Structured data:

Information is structured by pinning messages and chats, and when you want to send a message or see a specific message, you don’t need to find them in chats and conversation history.


You can adjust based on your actual needs and critical information. You can adjust pinned messages and chats that your critical data access quickly. 

Impactful Reminders:

You can achieve your Work plan, Task list, Goals, and action items through pinned messages and chat conversations. This method can improve your out capability and schedule control. 

Enhanced Collected Chat Conversations: 

Through Chat groups and Messages, pining messages can be a cherished process to highlight and emphasize serious information, advertisements, announcements, releases, and meaningful discussions, improving accessibility for all group participants to stay updated.


A restricted number of PIN messages and Chats:

WhatsApp allows us to pin limited numbers of messages and chats on WhatsApp. You can pin three to five messages and three to four chats on WhatsApp, based on your mobile device and WhatsApp versions. So, select the essential messages and chats to pin at the top of the WhatsApp Screen and don’t pin unnecessary things.

Unavailable for Specific Message on iOS:

On your iOS device, you can pin only three chats on the WhatsApp chat list and the whole Chat, not specific or one message within a chat conversation. This restriction may affect your quick accessibility to your message in the long history conversation. 

Secrecy Contemplations: 

If you share your device with others, they can easily access your important and confidential data and read your private pinned messages and chats due to quick access. 

Recurrent upkeep Mandatory: 

With time, if you don’t unpin unnecessary messages and chats, they increase and are no longer significant. So, review them and rearrange them by the period. 

Possible Overutilization:

Don’t pin unnecessary messages and chats. If you pin everything, your pinned chat and message list will increase, and it’s hard to find informative data. 

Bonus Insights for increasing the Efficiency of Pinned Messages and Chats

Make use of Pinned Messages and Chats as Reminders: 

You can use pinned messages, and Chat features as an automated alert board for group members and yourself. Pinned messages and chats holding particular tasks, the release date for important events, and headline news to stay aware of them in everyone’s sight. 

Engage cooperatively within group conversations:

Through pinned group chats, you can update group members with specific announcements and important decisions you made for everyone and ensure they can be easily accessible with updates.

Edit your Pinned Messages and Chats:

WhatsApp allows us to pin messages and chats containing images, videos, and documents, and you can edit them and change them with new messages and chats.

Uphold Structuredness with Labels:

You can set a label to your Chats based on their intent. You can create and put labels like work, friends, business, and Family to structured chats. 

Protect Confidential Data:

Pinning messages and chats is easy; it’s crucial to keep in mind that other members can access to see your pinned messages if they have permission to access your mobile device, so don’t pin sensitive and top-secret material. 

Diagnosing Pinned Messages and Chats

If you are facing issues related to your pinned messages and chats, here’s how to get rid of them,

Unable to find Pin Icon:

If you cannot locate the pin icon option, keep updating your WhatsApp version, and you won’t find the pin icon on the old version. 

Pinned Message and Chat Wiped out:

Confirm that your chats were archived if your pinned message is wiped out. Archived chats keep pinned messages invisible. If your chats disappeared, then restart your WhatsApp.

Unable to Pin more Messages and Chats:

If you want to pin more messages and chats but fail, WhatsApp allows limited messages and chats to be pinned at the top of the screen. It would help if you unpinned a few to make space for new ones. 

Pinned Messages and Chats are not Syncing: 

If your pinned messages and chats are not syncing accurately on your WhatsApp device, attempt these repairs:

  • Allow WhatsApp Web feature on your WhatsApp setting.
  • Restart your WhatsApp or other modded version.
  • Unpin and repin Messages and Chats.
  • Log out from the WhatsApp Web and log in again.
  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Go to the Play Store and check that your app has been updated with a new version.

You can solve your issues through these diagnosing steps that give you significant solutions to save your essential message access without hurdles if you are facing problems with WhatsApp scams and don’t know How to Track Scammers On WhatsApp. This tracking scams method will guide you and relieve you from fraudulent scammers on WhatsApp. So, enjoy keeping your essential messages and Chats on the top of your WhatsApp interface and benefiting you by quick access. If you want more enjoyment on advanced features, download the modified Android version application from our website that gives you extra features and guides about WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, and others. 


Pinning messages and chats on Whatsapp chats and groups is a quickly accessible feature that permits you to preserve essential information, announcements, news, and advice easily reachable; information can be addressed, specific phone numbers, schedules, and announcements can be related to events etc., news can be connected to our society or worldwide news, and pieces of advice can be motivated quotes. Pinning messages and chats on WhatsApp oversimplified your social communication with friends, Family, and others. This crucial WhatsApp feature lets you easily manage your chat list and essential messages. Now, I hope that you learned very well. You can start your first pinning message and chats and organize your WhatsApp communication further. So, what’s stopping you from pinching your chats and messages on WhatsApp? If you have any issues or bug problems you cannot solve, contact us at [email protected] or comment below to ask questions, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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