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Do you want to learn “How to Track Scammers on WhatsApp via different methods”? Yes! WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application among other platforms, providing mass communication for users globally. Nowadays, scammers have decreased their popularity growth through the use of advanced technology.


Scammers make fools of thousands by Targeting people with different methods, learning beneficial tactics for users and identifying Track Scammers on WhatsApp. In this Guide, let’s take a look at legal steps to protect yourself and your data from clever scammers. If you receive suspicious or prize money messages, you must report them immediately. 

Note: We do not stand behind third-party apps that provide such services; use these apps on your cautions. 


In advanced technology, scammers are destroying people’s privacy and advancing their methods, especially targeting WhatsApp and other WhatsApp mod users. Scammers can steal our media files and documents and can abuse talk with users. Through users’ media content, they can blackmail us. So, we will increase our knowledge to prevent clever scammers. Don’t worry; we will guide you on “How to Track Scammers on WhatsApp” and how we can get rid of them on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp. Let’s unite and protect our important data and ourselves from the world of scammers on WhatsApp. You can also track scammers on WhatsApp or other unofficial mods like NS Whatsapp. TM Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, GB Whatsapp, YO Whatsapp, OG Whatsapp, and much more.

How to Track Scammers on WhatsApp via a mobile phone number?

If you want to track scammers on WhatsApp through mobile phone numbers, then We have to verify our Phone Numbers via Online resources tools. Every country’s government has authentic websites, tools and firms for this legal object. Every country’s citizens can verify numbers easily. To verify your number, put your number in the Google search bar, and you will discover the process and apply the process via an authentic website which your government verifies.

The verification process identifies your phone number validation when you verify your phone number. If you don’t verify your Phone Number, it is recognized as evidence that the account number holder is a scammer. Tracking scammers on WhatsApp, and verifying easy ways of the phone numbers on the internet become valuable asset tools. This verification tool is one method that aims to “How to Track Scammers on WhatsApp” easily. 

In WhatsApp Plus, all contact numbers and chat conversations are end-to-end encrypted. I recommend you use authentic WhatsApp mods, which have a security system and privacy policy. 

How to Track Scammers on WhatsApp via Account Numbers?

Yes! We can track scammers on WhatsApp through account numbers because this method is legal and mighty to debunk their scams and deception and guard implicit sufferers. It helps us to provoke scammers on WhatsApp for the sake of preserving our privacy. Scammers can access our WhatsApp data via different methods. So, you will learn this method to prevent deception from scammers and spread awareness about it, including sharing account numbers with friends and other people through social media. 

Track Scammers on WhatsApp through account numbers, collect data and information relative to the scammer’s account number and verify the scammer’s genuineness and authenticity. Giving proof, reporting the scammer’s account number, and deceitful and fallacious activities to connect financial organizations. Cooperate with legislation by reporting the scammer’s actions and activities, sharing the scammer’s account number, handing over supportive documents, and conserving proof for inquiry. So, we will be contributing to defending ourselves and others from their fraudulent activities with the help of tracking scammers via WhatsApp account numbers. 

How to Track Scammers on WhatsApp through previewing links?

It must be helpful; previewing links on WhatsApp is an effective tool and way to detect and track modern scammers and safeguard yourself and others from their deceptive and duplicity actions. You can reveal the truth about shared content and recognise doubtful links through previewing links. So, follow these steps, 

  • Click and hold the suspicious link for 2 seconds.
  • Click on the preview link.
  • Investigate given information about suspicious links.
  • Alert before clicking on a suspicious link.

Report suspicious links and deceptive scammers to WhatsApp to investigate their fraudulent activities. Stay sharpened your defense by being cautious of untraceable links, staying up-to-date with your WhatsApp application, allowing fingerprint lock and Two-step verification options to secure you, and learning about general and popular scam methods. We can make a more secure WhatsApp-sustaining environment by preventing attacks through the previewing links tool. Keep learning and protect yourself and others from scammers’ deceptive activities.

How to report Scammers on the WhatsApp app?

By reporting scammers on WhatsApp, it is essential to protect and secure ourselves and others from being deceived by their fraudulent activities. WhatsApp keeps users secure and gives a system to report scammers instantly. Once you have detected a scammer on WhatsApp, follow these steps to take immediate action against the scammer, 

  • Open the WhatsApp application and click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Click on the settings option.
  • Now, click on the “Help” option at the end of the screen. 
  • Click on the “Contact Us” option.
  • Next, click on “Next” to send a message ( This contact number 00000000 scammed me ).
  • Click on reason ”Protecting yourself from scams”.
  • Now, click on the ”Send my question to WhatsApp Support”.
Click on three dots and tap on ''settings''
Tap on the ''Help'' option
Click on the ''Contact Us'' option
Click on ''Next'' to send a message
Click on the given reason ''Protecting yourself from scams''
Click on the ''Send my question to WhatsApp Support''

You can also Watch the video about ”How to report scammers on WhatsApp application” step by step,

How do we expose Scammers on WhatsApp?

It is necessary to track down scammers because they use clever methods to fulfil their fraudulent aims. We can expose scammers’ counterfeit activities on WhatsApp by knowing their techniques and actions. Scammers will pretend to be trustworthy, but you can catch them via false identity deceptive activities. Fake photos, send you a message that you won prize money of some amount and ask you to submit your personal documents information because they are scammers. Please refrain from providing your personal information to them. Always keep your eyes open and crack down on scammers on WhatsApp or other Whatsapp applications like AG3 Whatsapp, Whatsapp Pro, and more. Don’t be afraid of fraudulent scammers, and take action against them to protect yourself from their scams. 

How to track scammers on WhatsApp via Cyber security, GEO finder, and Reverse phone lookup service?

We can easily ”How to track scammers on WhatsApp” through the use of these helpful tools. So, let’s take a look at how,

Through Cyber security

Collect all valuable information about deceptive scammers, for instance, their names, email addresses, phone numbers, suspicious links or messages they send to scam you. By acquiring scammers’ data, you can report a legal complaint to the cyber security centre of your city or country.

Through GEO Finder

 You can easily detect scammers’ current location through the GEO finder tool application. To track a scammer’s current location for free, send a scammer’s phone number to the application through a message routed over GPRS cellular technology. After monitoring the scammer’s location, contact you in 20 minutes. 

Through Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Sometimes, fakers and deceitful use stolen numbers to scam people, but if they use their number to scam you. You can track and detect scammers on WhatsApp by discovering their names or addresses.

How do you specify or identify scammers on WhatsApp apps?

We can quickly identify scammers on WhatsApp apps. Now you know how to track scammers, take a look at some methods by which you can locate scammers on WhatsApp,

  1. If you receive any message that will be forwarded five times, you will see a double arrow instead of one arrow. If you receive an alert message warning, they are scammers. 
  2. Most of the fraudulent scammers use fake photos and download them from Google of people who don’t exist. If you find any person pretending to be your familiar friend or relative far away and making use of their DP ( Display Profile Picture ), they are probably scammers. 
  3. If you receive a message from a stranger or pretend to be the Winning program ‘s spokesperson, you win the prize money of some amount. To collect money, first deposit five per cent of the winning prize money to get the prize and ask you to provide personal documents or information for OTP code or verification. Then, they are indeed scammers.

How to Secure Yourself from WhatsApp Scams?

You can protect yourself from WhatsApp scams by following these steps,

  • Ignoring strangers’messages
  •  Do not share your personal information with others
  •  Do not click on the suspicious links
  •  Enable Two-step verification

How do we spread awareness to oppose scammers

Many people are affected by fraudulent scams due to a lack of knowledge about scammers’ tactics. That’s our responsibility to spread awareness to oppose scammers publicly. We will educate our friends, family members, and others on how we can tackle scammers by sharing information via social platforms, online forums, and communities. You must use big platforms to spread awareness to oppose scammers’ scams. “Only the educated are free.”  This awareness can help people who can be secure by these fraud activities such as WhatsApp Scams.

Wrap-up Crucial Things

We learn advanced methods for exposing scammers on WhatsApp, tracking scammers on WhatsApp, securing ourselves from WhatsApp scams, and spreading awareness to oppose scammers publicly. Scammers created extortion to impose their fraudulent tactics on the WhatsApp community. You can easily detect scammers’ fraudulent activities by identifying their fake photos or learning their scam tactics. To protect yourself and others, report scammers, utilize third-party tools, spread awareness, and gather information about their scam activities to oppose them on every legal platform. Nowadays, how to track scammers on WhatsApp is easy. Let’s work together to clean the WhatsApp community from scammers. Stay connected with us on our websites if you need guidance or help.

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A significant number of the popularity of this platform is the crucial reason scammers would use WhatsApp, sending many suspicious links to scam people; WhatsApp calls are not easy to track.

Yes, we must oppose scammers on WhatsApp and protect ourselves and others from fraudulent scams.

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